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Our featured vehicles! : Used cars and financing in in Boisbriand (near Laval & St-Jérôme)

At, we offer credit and financing solutions in in Boisbriand (near Laval & St-Jérôme). Complete your request for credit and you'll be able to drive away with your desired vehicle. You can also browse our pre-approved inventory of used vehicles. We will carefully and thoroughly study your credit profile and will process your request for credit quickly to get you on your way. If your objective is to rebuild your credit, or to establish it, while benefiting from the purchase of a vehicle, contact us now at Call us.

Entrust your next car loan to the real experts
So you managed to find a new vehicle, a rare gem and at an incredible price. You’d think that the hard work is done but it isn’t! Like many buyers who need financing to complete the purchase, you quickly realise that the great deal that you thought you had really isn’t one at all, especially if your financing application is refused, or even if you’re accepted after many days of negotiations, with restrictive terms that don’t meet your needs and with interest rates that are astronomically high.

With Financement Approuvé your job is really done when you find your vehicle. You don’t need to worry about your car loan since our specialists in automobile financing will accompany you throughout the process to ensure that your auto financing corresponds to your needs and your budget. Financement Approuvé will help you get your auto loan simply, quickly and with no cases refused.

1st, 2nd and 3rd chance credit, bankruptcy, late payments, no credit history, negotiated settlement or you have previously been refused financing. No matter what your history, at Financement Approuvé we’ll take the time to listen in order to help you find a solution that responds to your auto financing needs. Your credit profile, no matter what state it’s in, should never be an obstacle to being able to qualify for a car loan.

Financing in advance
Whether you have already picked out your new vehicle or not, auto financing is a step in the purchase that you should not take lightly since, regardless of the price of the car, what really counts is how much you’ll be asked to pay every week, 2 weeks or month. In short, your auto loan can considerably increase how much you pay for your vehicle if you do not entrust your auto financing needs to the real experts. Even if others advertise that no case is refused regardless of your credit history, it doesn’t mean that they’ll offer you the best possible terms based on your unique credit profile. The experts at Financement Approuvé are qualified to find the ideal solution for your financing needs. You can even start your auto financing request before having found your vehicle. In this way, we’ll take care of the important financing work immediately and you can focus your energies on finding a vehicle knowing, up-front, how much you’ll be paying so that there are no surprises and so that you won’t have to deal with the disappointment of being told that you have been refused financing after having found the car of your dreams.

How not to be taken advantage of
We often hear the popular phrase “I just got had” but it’s important to understand that we generally are only taken advantage of when we’re uninformed and don’t understand what’s going on. With a vocabulary as complex as that for automobile finance, it is very easy to chance upon a less scrupled individual that will take advantage of your lack of knowledge in the domain to offer you a car loan that will benefit his bottom line rather than yours. And it is much easier for someone who has bad intentions to take advantage of a client that has already picked out a vehicle since your emotions will be pushing you at this point to unquestionably trust the person in front of you so that you can conclude your purchase. With Financement Approuvé, our experts in auto credit will take the time to listen and will explain each step of the auto financing process. In this way, you’ll have confidence when all is said and done that you made a good choice for your next vehicle and that you weren’t taken advantage of!

In less than 20 minutes, you can be approved! Apply for auto financing now.
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